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10 Reasons to Wear a Panty Under Saree!



Wear panties under saree

Women’s clothing in India is by far the most versatile. Since childhood, we women are taught to dress according to the occasion. What to wear? What not to wear? All is already etched in our so called society limits. There’s one more aspect of women’s clothing sense that should be taken care of. That is, why it is important to wear a panty under your saree.

We, women, wear panties under all kinds of attire, then why miss it under a saree. There are a lot of advantages that panty does. Today, we’ve highlighted those reasons. As to why a panty is a must under Saree!

1. Soaks sweat.

2. Absorbs light vaginal discharge if any.

3. Protects from infection when sitting in public transports, used chairs, any other public or unclean sitting place.


4. Gives hips a clean plain silhouette.

5. Avoids excess movement of butt while walking.

6. Prevents from injury if there is any sort of unexpected accident.

7. It is very important for hygiene purpose.

8. Will save your private parts to be seen in public, if there is any wardrobe malfunction.

9. Wearing regular briefs under petticoat instills confidence.

10. Underwear is a must if you have your periods.

All said and done, wearing a panty is essential. Be it any form of clothing. It is a basic wardrobe culture that should be taken care of. So, Ladies! Next time you plan to go commando while wearing saree, just remember the above points!

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