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5 Things to Know About Ayurvedic Skin Care



Ayurveda has always been the oldest form of healing system in India. It is holistic and benefits your body from the root and do not have any kind of adverse effect on your health. These days whenever we speak of skin care it is always the ayurvedic skincare as it is the only form of skin care that gives your skin its natural and radiant glow that any of the chemical beauty products cannot give. We all are aware that each and every person has a different skin type and so the use of the products also depends on that. But have wondered why? Well, here are some facts:

Our Body is Made of Vibrations – Our body including our skin responds to touch, music, light, color, aroma, and emotion. Not only does our body respond to all vibrations be it physicality of touch to the imperceptibly of emotion rather the mind, body, and soul work together. All these things including our skin is wedged by lifestyle such as diet, exercise, relaxation, meditation, contemplation, and spiritual practice.

Ayurvedic Approach – Ayurvedic skin care includes dietary suggestions, different mindfulness techniques, as well as willingness to connect deeply in order to effect the change in the skin. Ayurveda says that every skin type is unique but yet they have commonalities. These commonalities are the three doshas which is present in every person.

Skin Type – Skin type depends on these doshas like Vata dosha is equal to dry skin, pitta dosha for sensitive skin and kapha dosha for thicker skin. It is a myth that any one dosha is better that the other because it is the combination that makes your skin type and each dosha has its own natural beauty.

Skin Products – As per Ayurveda Vata skin tans but rarely has any kind of breakouts, but with age develops more fine lines. This why people with vata skin are suggested to consume aloe vera juice as it works as an anti ageing solution. Pitta skin has a beautiful glow and natural radiance, but they are prone to breakouts and aloe vera juice helps here as well as it detoxifies. Kapha skin in known to age beautifully, but it can get sluggish and dull. So, it is very important that while choosing skin products you keep your skin type in mind.

Use of organic skincare products – Make sure you choose the right ayurvedic skin care products. Ayurvedic skin care products must contain oils, herbs, flowers, and clays. Sometimes these might be single items but usually, they are available in blends, such as clay with dry herbs, oils with essential oils and herb extracts with flower petals.

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