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7 Helpful Tips on Exercise Routine for Teens



Teenagers’ bodies undergo a lot changes as they grow older. Puberty stage starts to commence and they start to make their own decisions. Along with this, parents should also implement exercise and eating habits to make a healthy lifestyle for the teens. The parents are still responsible in fostering healthy lifestyle for their teens.

Parents should ensure that exercise be a regular part of their lifestyle. They can start with simple activities at home and expand it along the way. Below are some exercise tips for the teens:

Choose to be positive and pick an enjoyable activity

Having a good mental attitude is a good start when planning to have routine exercise. Choose an activity that teenagers can enjoy because most likely they would keep doing it as they like what they are doing. Instead of letting them do fun activities alone, why not join them? It will be more fun and enjoyable for them.

Take time to get the routine

Teens are not required to have a routine right away. Starting with exercise takes times. There are small changes need to be done and there is no rush in doing so. One great example is riding a bike when visiting your friend’s house or going to school. Another example is using stairs instead of elevator or escalator. These simple tips will help the teens to build their fitness routine.

Pick heart-pumping activity

In choosing routine exercise, ensure that aerobic activity is included because it is good for breathing harder and increasing the heart rate. This particular exercise is recommended to teenagers as it increases their fitness level and let the heart and lungs function better. Moreover, it aids in burning fats in our body. Great examples are running, basketball, and swimming.

Always do the warm-up

Before doing any form of exercise, make sure that teens know the importance of warm-up. These exercises are mild and easy, stretching the body before doing physical activities. It will warm up the muscles and may help protect it against any injury. With stretching, it makes muscles and joints flexible as well. To cool down the muscles, stretch out as well after the exercise

Start with the basic exercises

Teenagers do not need to go to the gym and use fitness equipment right away. They can begin with something easy like running around the neighbourhood or do some basketball inside your backyard. You can also do the exercise inside the comfort of home.

Make routine exercise a social thing

For teenagers to enjoy exercising, making friends part of it is a great idea. Teens can invite their friends for a hike, walk, or run. Friends can motivate each other especially if they see the progress you make. It is more fun if you have someone to share your experience with.

Skip the heavy weights

Doing exercise does not mean that teenagers need to pick heavy weights. In fact, they should avoid it because teens are still growing and their skeletal structure cannot handle it. However, if the teen is already closing to 18 years old, he/she can begin to materialize the heavy weights routine. Below 15, they should only stick with muscular-endurance exercises. You can ask a physician before doing any workout program.

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