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Features of the Best Mobile Application Testing Tools



One of the essential elements when a development team faces the launch of a new application is the testing process. It is important to test each end of the software to avoid any further complication. Unexpected closures, errors in key functionalities, usability failures … any of these reasons may be a justifiable reason for a bad opinion in an application store . Today there are some really powerful tools and platforms to share with third parties a beta version of an application for testing: the more people interact, the easier it is to detect bugs .

These tests can not only be performed by real users (the beta version of the application is uploaded to a platform, the user downloads and tests it), but that testing process to find errors can be automated . It is the most efficient way to search for an automatic test, with well-defined requirements, which allow the reliability of an application to be tested without excessive margin of error. This is a list of the best solutions to check the absence of faults:

  1. TestFlight Beta Testing (iOS)

TestFlight is, without a doubt, the testing tool most used by iOS developers. Not only to test applications for mobile devices such as iPhone or iPad , but also in other products of the apple company such as Apple Watch , with its watchOS operating system, and Apple TV, with its TVOS. The idea is that with a mail account it is possible to invite anyone to test a beta version of an application. With a limit of 2,000 betatesters.

In order for any user to try the beta version in TestFlight, it is first mandatory to create a record in iTunes Connect for the application. The conditions for doing so are very limited, with the aim that developers can launch projects without problems and perform all the tests they want with internal and external users. For external users to try the beta version, the developer must provide some of these metadata about their app project:

  • The product you want to test .
  • A description of the product (application) .
  • Service email .
  • Technical support URL (in case some kind of problem should arise).
  • Marketing service or sales URL .

External testers always have the beta version available for 60 days for download on their devices. The most logical thing is that this time is never exhausted because the programmer is always launching successive test versions as it is introducing small changes in the application .

  1. Crashlytics Beta (iOS and Android )

Crashlytics launched in February 2014 a tool to Application Testing on both iOS and Android . The test solution is called Beta. This launch came a year after its purchase by the social network Twitter. One of the features of Beta that has a better reception among developers and that Crashlytics values ​​more strongly is its integration with most Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) for iOS and Android professionals : Xcode , Android Studio , Eclipse …

In the case of iOS, the testers are added to the testing of the beta versions through the UDID ( Unique Device Identifier ), the number from which Apple identifies each device of the company in the hands of a user. With this identifier it is very easy to register each user who wants to become a beta tester. In the case of Android , all that is necessary is to install the Beta application on the device and, from there, you can download each new version and test it. Beta provides developers with a control panel where they can see the process of using the beta version by each of the testers. It is thus possible to know who downloads each of the new versions ,who is more active in the testing of the product … In a certain way, Beta allows an exhaustive control of its activity.

As a result of this activity, the developer can see on the board of Crashlytics Issues all the problems experienced by the testers in the use of the software. Results in performance, unexpected closures … all types of metrics.

  1. Google Play Developers Console ( Android )

Any Android application developer knows the Google Play developer console . The Google Play API allows, since July 2014, that developers can manage all kinds of services for their applications: among them manage without problems the publication of products within the store and all kinds of advantages derived from that publication. For example, email notifications , notifications in-app , optimization tips in the testing phase , income statistics , export comments from one product to another …

If the developer is thinking about launching a non-free application or wants to implement an electronic commerce, it is essential that he has a commercial account within the Google Play console with a registration fee of $ 25. For these types of customers, the Google data service has a cost .

Within this console, Android developers can register a beta or alpha version of their application, with some essential elements: to participate in a test of an application it is necessary to have an email from Google. After the launch of an alpha or beta APK for testing by the testers, the version may not be available to the user until after a few hours .

  1. Ubertesters (iOS and Android )

Ubertesters offers both: a quality management tool and a global testing service so that you can access many real users with real devices to test the mobile application in real conditions. This solution puts at the disposal of its clients what they call crowdtesters , professionals from all over the world who make themselves available to a company to test their new products. These are really useful tests because in the end this type of users will be those who will consume the product later, under very similar conditions in which the app will be tested.

Main features:

  • Ensures the distribution of the structure to selected individuals or predetermined groups.
  • Real-time management of construction, including control of access to construction.
  • Groups of tests A / B.
  • Video recording function to see the exact steps made by the app tester.
  • Screen capture and editing from the tested application itself
  • Failure report generation tool with video recording and tracking.
  • Support for test cases
  • Extension of the QA team with certified testers around the world.

Ubertesters offers testers in more than 100 countries, with an infinity of different mobile devices, with all possible versions of operating systems … The idea is that the feedback that comes out of all that international test serves to launch a totally reliable product. They are tests of all kinds: testing functionality, testing usability , test interruption … It’s a good solution to rule out serious errors in all key elements of the product.


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