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How To Open VMDK File Without Vmware Application- A perfect solution



how to open VMDK file without Vmware

Hi everyone! My colleague sent me VMDK file data. And I don’t know how to install the Vmware application. I want to preview the contents of .vmdk file urgently. Can anybody tell me how to open VMDK file without Vmware applications? Thanks in Advance!

If the above query seems to be familiar and if the users want to know how to open VMDK file without Vmware. Then this article is for you. I will suggest you read the entire article and learn how to access contents of VMDK file without installing any virtual environment. Lets us first understand what is virtualisation and its importance.

What is Virtualisation? And Its Importance

Virtualisation can be defined as it is the process of creating the virtual version of something such as Virtual applications, servers, storage and networks. Virtualisation is the most effective way to reduce IT expenses. It helps to increase performance and availability of resources.

Importance of Virtualisation

  1. It helps to run multiple operating systems on one physical machine.
  2. It helps to reduce capital and operating costs.
  3. Increase IT productivity, efficiency, agility and responsiveness.
  4. Faster provisioning of applications and resources.
  5. Greatly improved disaster recovery.

What is VMDK file data?

We know that Vmware is a virtualisation and cloud computing software. The VMDK file extension is associated with the virtual machine disk format. The entire data of the virtual machine are stored in the .vmdk file format. The Vmware .vmdk files that are created by the Vmware software can be used like an actual hard disk file to store the information and backup the computer data.

How To Open VMDK File Without Vmware Application

If the user wants to open the VMDK file data then the user can try third party software Vmware recovery software to access contents of VMDK file. This is an efficient software built with high tech and advanced set of algorithms which helps to preview the data in a simple click and without any hassle. And in case if the user wants to recover the data from the corrupted VMDK file then data recovery is also possible with the help of this software.

Follow the certain steps to open VMDK file data.

  • Download and Install the software.
  • Click on Scan.
  • Scan for the Virtual machine and then Browse its location.
  • Now Select the Virtual machine folder and click on Ok button.
  • Click on Scan button and after that Scan report will be generated.
  • Click Save to save the report in CSV file format.
  • Preview the data after loading it into the software.

The Bottom Line

From the above write up we have discussed how to open VMDK file contents without installing virtual environment. We have also discussed the needs and importance of virtualisation in today’s world. We have given an automated solution of how to open VMDK file without Vmware application.

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