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Tips For Looking Good in Your Professional Business Headshots



Tips For Looking Good in Your Professional Business Headshots

When you need professional business headshots, you will want to look your best. Here are a few considerations that you will need to make when posing for a headshot photo.

Consider your attire

You will need to avoid wearing the graphic logo t-shirts, funny slogans and even the band names. There are chances that these may end up getting cut off in a shot and looking bad. It is also possible that the photo will remain in the company website for a long period of time. You also need to note that the thin stripes and patterns don’t work very well on the computer screens and cameras. This is because of what is known as moiré effect, a situation where the thin strips closely to one another to create a pattern of secondary rippling.

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Remember that there are many model portfolio photographer who will convert you portrait into black & white. This means that you will need to consider the tone of your attire. A pink tie with a shirt that is light blue in color can appear good when wearing them. By the moment the image will be converted into a white & black one, they might appear as one tone that ends up blending into each other. Therefore, you need to consider the tones and contrasts. If you are not sure, ask photographer to take several shots in the mirror before converting these into black and white. This can help you to determine the right option for you.

Your hair

Make sure that you don’t go for the professional business headshot when you hair is in a complete mess. Make sure that your hair looks like an advert for the hair shampoo. It should be full bodied, smooth flowing and neat without lots of straggly strands. Ensure that your hair is also neat and brushed around the edges.

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Remember that you are having your professional shot taken at your place of work. You will need to remember this during the process of makeup application. Having that natural look will look perfectly good. Avoid going overboard. When you keep everything simple, you will end up feeling good.


If you are the kind who wears glasses and people identify you with them, then it is okay to wear them. Before you put them on, make sure that you have given them a good clean. You can be assured that the fingerprints, dusts and even eyelash hair can appear in the final image. When seeking the services of product photography services, you will want to ensure that your product looks its best.

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