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Top 5 WhatsApp Alternative Apps



WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging apps available on the market these days. Hands down, it is a good app with all the necessary features, but there are some reasons to switch to other messengers: security issues, VoIP call restrictions in different countries or some personal motives.messenger

Let’s talk about five possible WhatsApp alternatives and find out why those are equal or very often even better than WhatsApp.


Privacy is important for people, and Telegram is aware of that. The app is famous for its secret chats and encrypted messages. One of the most attractive features is being able to send temporary photos and messages that will be self-destructed after a short time. You can delete past messages and personalize the appearance of the app. If you are typing a message and close the app, Telegram will keep the draft. The app has also been banned in several countries during last few years.

Zangi Messenger

Thanks to its serverless concept, Zangi Messenger is known to be one of the most secure messengers out there. All the messages are encrypted and are never kept on the servers, which gives another layer of security to those users who do not want anyone to access their private messages and calls. Here is some more information on the messaging app:

  • Zangi uses the least data on voice and video calls without compromising quality
  • Works even with 2G internet connection
  • Zangi Out option to make cheap calls to any phone
  • Has a call forwarding option
  • Offers different sticker packages for free


Though Skype has been in existence for a longer time compared to WhatsApp, the latter has a larger amount of users. In spite of this fact, many people still stay loyal to Skype. Unlike WhatsApp, you can create a Skype account on your computer. In case of WhatsApp, the web version requires you to have a phone to synchronize. If you use the mobile version of Skype, you do not need a sim card to log in. Some more of the features that are not available for WhatsApp users but work perfectly for Skype users are:

  • delete message history
  • contact any Skype user
  • have favorite contacts
  • specify your availability
  • download Skype on old devices


If you have to choose between WhatsApp and Viber, install both so that you can compare these two very similar messenger apps. Of course, there are some key differences concerning the privacy issues, but these two apps are similar in services and features. Although, with Viber, you can send free SMS to any number. Viber has a built-in translator and all the above-mentioned features for Skype that WhatsApp does not have.

Google Allo

The phone-based app has been launched by Google around two years ago and is available in the Play Store. Many people find similarities between Google Allo and WhatsApp, but let’s emphasize the differences:

  • smart AI in Google Allo that lets you look for information, find flights, hotels, etc.
  • expiration period for the chats from 5 seconds to one week
  • better design and text formatting options
  • no account needed to use the app

To sum things up, Zangi and Telegram ensure your privacy, while Viber and Google Allo offer an interesting design and Skype has been out there for a longer period of time than any of these apps. All these apps are equivalent competition to WhatsApp. But no feature can be a real deal breaker if you love the app. So once you have to switch to another messenger and delete WhatsApp, you will have a wide variety of choice.


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