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Top Home Remedies for Hair Growth



So many of us dream of having long, shiny and beautiful hair but unfortunately it isn’t always possible as we constantly expose ourselves to dirt, harsh sunlight and pollution. While we try our best to have our hair in the best condition but its not always possible to have that. one reason is when we were kids, many of us would have proper hair treatment with the help of our mothers or grandmother but as we grew up, we stopped taking such care of ourselves and as a result, our hair got weaker and started falling.

Taking imbalanced diet, having excessive stress and hormonal imbalances are few of the reasons behind weaker hair and the fact that hair isn’t properly growing. When your hair is healthy and shiny, it shows that the body is healthy and has all the minerals and nutrients that it needs. If you have been suffering from heavy hair fall and have been looking for a way fix the problem, then here’s some natural remedies such as oil for hair growth available for you.

• Rosemary

Rosemary is a popular herb for your hair which has excellent properties that helps in the strengthening of the roots, eradication of dandruff and the growth of hair. If you really desire long and strong hair, include rosemary oil in your daily routine and feel the change in your hair texture. The presence of antioxidant properties helps the roots to grow stronger and to stop hair fall, there is sulfur and silica content present in rosemary hair that reduces hair fall.

• Castor Oil

From many years, we have been listening to the benefits of castor oil but when you really co include it your daily routine, you would see the difference. The presence of omega-9 fatty acids and vitamin E in castor oil makes it a wonderful agent that helps the hair to grow stronger and better. For people dealing with frizz and scalp infections, its advised that they should massage their scalp with castor oil.

• Olive oil

Just like castor oil, olive oil is popular for its ability to stop hair fall and enhance the growth of hair. When you use olive oil, the production of DTH hormone is prevented as it causes the narrowing of the follicle shafts. It has enormous antioxidant that neutralizes the damage and moisturizes the scalp.

Along with these natural remedies, you can use ayurvedic shampoo to clean the scalp and get better hair quality.

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