5 Winter Beauty Trends

5 Winter Beauty Trends

The modern-day woman exerts style confidence riddled with attitude. This season’s catwalk trends showcase bold and ultra-youthful looks that embrace a woman’s natural features with exuberance and self-assurance.

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  1. The Chop

It happens every winter, and it’s back again. Farewell, long beachy locks! Chic and well-polished are here to stay. After a summer of soaking up that natural hair bleach (the sun), your hair is ready for rejuvenation and repair. The Chop alleviates your stressed split ends and often invites a new color and style to the scene. Opt for a textured cut to help maintain your volume when you get the chop. Your style of chop may differ depending on your face shape and hair type. Go for chin-length lobs and shoulder-length blunt bobs for a dramatic effect, or add some layering around the face for a softer look. Ask your hairdresser how to care for your ends in the drier months and

  1. Power Lips

Another statement-making its way into our winter fashions this year is the bold lip color. Women will be experimenting with deep hues, bright reds, matte lipsticks, and ultra-shine. There is no rhyme or reason as to which color you decide but make a powerful and dramatic pout this season.

  1. Blow-Dry Waves

Natural-looking voluptuous waves never go out of style. The brilliant thing about blow-dry waves is that they are DIY. Invest in a good hairdryer and be sure to utilize the attachments! For curly hair, use the diffuser attachment to allow your hair to dry in its most natural way. Dry your hair with a hairdryer until it is around 70% dry before starting to style it. If you have fine hair, use a volumizing powder or pomade to create depth and texture.

  1. Red Hair

The Autumn/ Winter catwalks illustrated a new era of red hair. But not just the deep burgundy a brunette may play with when they are bored; cherry tones, peachy hues, standout crimson, and scarlets. Red is here to play this winter for brunettes AND blondes. Tease the idea and purchase yourself some hair chalk to play with or head to your hairdresser and find the perfect red hue to suit your skin tone this winter.

  1. Lengthy Lashes

Extensions are out, natural lashes are in. Look for a mascara wand which has separated bristles, or comb-like bristles, instead of a thick, bushy-looking wand. These kinds of bristles are great for full natural-looking coverage and for easily handling clumps, without over-volumizing your lashes. Wands that are thicker at the base and taper towards the end are great for reaching the little lashes on the ends and concentrating the mascara to the outer edges of your lashes. Other wands like precision tips and micro-wands are great at achieving full coverage whilst also separating the lashes, creating a mesmerizing full and soft look. These types of beauty tools will allow you to achieve a natural ultra-feminine look.

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