The Undeniable Benefits of Using Hashtags for Increasing Your Instagram Audience

The Undeniable Benefits of Using Hashtags for Increasing Your Instagram Audience

With more and more businesses investing a lot in Instagram marketing and due to the dominance of paid ads, obtaining high organic reach has been difficult lately. Trying to achieve success on a platform that currently holds more than 800 million active users is not at all an easy task. This has given rise to a burning question among marketers, what should they do in order to trigger and engage their followers in their products and services? The answer is simple – have a unique and effective hashtag strategy for your Instagram marketing.

The effect of hashtags on Instagram is entirely distinct compared to the likes of Twitter and other similar social media channels. Using the hashtags can bolster your entire Instagram marketing campaign, resulting in high user engagement, and developing your brand authority. However, just like any other marketing policy, there should be the right approach to the application of hashtags on Instagram.

Why Are Hashtags Important?

When it comes to the use of hashtags on Instagram, the first step is discovering the hashtags your audience is using. You can confirm this fact by using the search tab on Instagram where you will find that hashtags form the groundwork for content marketing. What is great about the hashtag feature of Instagram is that it helps in finding the related pieces of content, increasing the share-ability, and reach of the posts. Generally speaking, Instagram utilizes the feature of hashtags for the classification of the infinite number of content. Basically, hashtags are the folder and the visual-sharing social media channel is the filing cabinet.

When you make use of hashtags in your Instagram posts, you are allowing the platform to place your content in the perfect folder so that your target audience can browse it while looking for information. If you want to boost your social media marketing campaign on Instagram, you should make it a habit of applying hashtags to your posts that will help you in getting real Instagram followers. With popular and creative hashtags in your posts, you can make your content fairly discoverable.

What Are the Types of Hashtags?

Instagram marketing mainly consists of two types of hashtags:

  • Community Hashtags
  • Branded Hashtags

Community Hashtags

Community hashtags are non-related to your brand and have usually nothing to do with your particular business. It is more of a wider community application, as the hashtags refer to the major population of a community. The advantage of using community hashtags is that they make your posts on Instagram more discoverable, causing a great increase in the number of followers. Typically, community hashtags can improve your exposure on the social media platform.

Branded Hashtags

It goes without saying that branded hashtags dominate the mobile-exclusive platform of Instagram, as almost seventy percent of hashtags refer to brand promotion. These hashtags generally contain phrases of your online marketing campaign, your brand slogan, or mostly keywords related to your products and services.


Hashtags make Instagram marketing effective; hence, searching for hashtags specific to your brand and terms that are popular in your community is really important. You can use certain tools for discovering hashtags on Instagram.

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