So, found the one that has been down on bended knee in front of you and you have had that sparkler on your finger, for at least five minutes. Now, you just have to find a dress for your big day. Your mind is surely thinking about the dresses and the designers, and you are feeling yourself crazy enough for this finding. In fact, for a bride, the most challenging decision is to choose its bridal dress.

The good news is that the UK is found to have the most illustrious and mind-blowing minds that have changed the fashion world through their talent. If we are talking about the dress designers for bridal, it is not wrong to say that luckily they have also the big names in it. Depending on every body’s choice, there are elegant, timeless, playful, quirky and fun-loving designers who design dresses accordingly in their unique ways. Their fantastic and unique ideas make the moves of brides more fascinating and give a lovingly look when they are with their love.

There are many names, among them, some are shared below which are the newer on the list and that have a fabulous collection of the recent trends. You will just fall in love by seeing their fairytale dresses.

Ian Stuart:

Knowing exactly what women want is really a difficult thing. But, Ian is truly a person who has all this knowledge. The cutting-edge and innovative designer has perfectly emerged fashion and romance in all his wedding dresses collection. And, so perfectly said to be the master of all that elegance and feminine look, what women really want. Interestingly, he is the five times winner of the wedding apparels in the recent year.

Stephanie Allin:

Designing detailed and classic outfits, Stephanie Allin is one of the renowned designers; you may fall in love with. The magical designs and gorgeous soft lines are her signature style. By saying the boutiques in Mumbles and flagship Marylebone store, she does not need any further introduction.

Sanyukta Shrestha:

Having the freaky style with a modern twist, Sanyukta is expert in catching the attention of those who just want this combination. Many experts in handcrafting, she was declared the perfect wedding designer in the year of 2011. Not limiting to this, she has also an eco-friendly process that can source the finest dresses wonderfully. Gently layered her dresses on the body and you will have a guaranteed million dollar bride.

Suzanne Neville:

Famous for iconic multi-award winning gowns, she is master in molding the finest silks and embroideries. No matter, you want a slim fitting cut or a full romantic gown, all will be stunningly structured on your bodice. Get the fully perfect dress and make all wonder, which is on the stage before you.

Dana Bolton:

A big name famous for the bohemian style of the seventies and the fab swooshes of the fifties; Dana Bolton always comes up with a heaven bride. Gorgeous float fabric, smooth and soft touch and a beautiful French lace, all combine to present her an inspired designer and a fun loving bride.

Elizabeth Stuart:

Conjuring with the fabrics and designs, Elizabeth Stuart perfectly shows a “modern fairy tale”. The silky and luxurious gowns are combined to give any bride a feminine look. Have a hand full on structured bodices, the attires are said not to be fashion-forward but simple. To the next, playful designs with all the sophistication, her breathtaking skirts are the modern day fashion with all the elegance.

Kula Tsurdiu:

With a string creative family background, Kula’s designs are enchanting from the head to the toe. You will have an absolute beauty with her collection. The local handmade Nottingham lace looks more stunning when accessories with hand-crafted jewelry. You can get a perfectly feminine look that can never be an outdated fashion.

Charlotte Balbier:

Charlotte’s dresses are a perfect blend of style with the quintessential feel of the modern English Rose. A fashion-forward and daring designer of the third generation is renowned for merging vintage and modern puts together. Lacework is also fine and the classic cuts put an effortless elegance to the bridal dress that is the wish of every bride.

Specializing in genuine classic style, with a modern edge, these designers are showing indulgence and luxury in their dresses. Having all expertise in the incorporate and courtesy, they have perfectly structured their collection of apparels. Being creative and artistic, they made each woman to have a love of their dresses and designed them according to their choices.

So, no matter what type of taste you have, you will be at maximum satisfactory level by these dresses because of having a variety of designs. From modern to simple, chichi to fairytale gowns or modern-cut wedding dresses to a feminine look, all dresses represent a handcrafted and detailed design.

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